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This page is designed to showcase some of my more recent work

This is the Linn Cove Viaduct, located on the Blueridge Parkway in Western North Carolina, close to Grandfather Mountain.


   Paddleboarding down the Tenny River from Cresent Lake in Raymond, Maine, I was able to get some good shots of these painted turtles hanging around the lily pads.

Painted TurtlesPainted Turtles


We took in a gorgeous sunset at Cowee Mountain Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Western North Carolina

Cowee Mt Overlook SunsetCowee Mt Overlook Sunset


This photo was taken with a fish eye lens to capture the tornado looking cloud formation at sunrise in Avon, North Carolina

Cloud Formation in Avon, NCCloud Formation in Avon, NC


We finally got some fall color, only about 2 weeks late this year. East Fork River in Rosman, NC, one of my favorite fishing rivers.

East Fork River ColorsEast Fork River Colors

On a recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina one of our goals was to photograph the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. It was more of a challenge than we thought because the tower lights were not on, someone told us they had been out for a few months. I had to really bring out the shadows to make the image work.

Arthur Ravenel Bridge TwilightArthur Ravenel Bridge Twilight


After about a week of sub-freezing temps, local waterfalls turned almost all ice. This is the most icy I've seen Looking Glass Falls in the 14 years I have lived here. Many years ago it completely froze over.

Looking Glass Falls FrozenLooking Glass Falls Frozen


October is a great time to shoot leaf trails. Similar to star trails by use longer shutter speeds, but with a neutral density filter. Here is an example on the Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest.

Leaf TrailsLeaf Trails


We happened to be lucky enough to see the total solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. We were in the path of totality and were able to see it for just over a minute at totality. Below is one image of that spectacular day. To see a few more click here.

Total Solar EclipseTotal Solar Eclipse


Just happened to be in the Outer Banks during a full moon in April. It was clear for a couple of nights and allowed for some great photo opportunities. This image is the Avon Pier on opening night of the year. Click here to see more moonrise images.

Moonrise at Avon PierMoonrise at Avon Pier


Take advantage of a clear night and shoot some star trails. This image is the Lake House in Straus Park in Brevard, NC

Lake House Star TrailsLake House Star Trails


On a recent visit to Fontana Village in Western North Carolina we were amazed at how low the lake levels were on Lake Fontana. We have been in a severe drought for months now but this really shows the impact. These houses should all be floating on the water!

Lake Fontana Ghost TownLake Fontana Ghost Town


I spent some time in Acadia National Park recently. Stayed at the Schoodic Woods Campground, a new campground I would highly recommend. Did a lot of photography in and around the Schoodic Peninsula. This is a capture of cormorants taking over a dinghy.


Summertime is here! That means it's time to look for cool infrared scenes. This barn is near one of my favorite fishing rivers in Rosman, North Carolina.

Barn in RosmanBarn in Rosman

We have an oak tree just off our outside deck. There is a knot hole that has been home to gray squirrels and bees. Just the other day I noticed a new tenant. A couple of white-breasted nuthatches were building a nest inside. It's really fun to watch as they fly off and bring little pieces of bark and twigs inside the hole.

White-brested NuthatchWhite-brested Nuthatch


We recently visited the Lake Arenal region of Costa Rica. We stayed in a small town called Sabalito where we got to experience the lifestyle of the local Costa Ricans. Below is a typical home and a horse is used for transportation and work, mostly farming and cattle. Click HERE to see more photos of Costa Rica

Working HorseWorking Horse


                     We got our first snow of the season, not much but we'll take it. I had to work fast, it was gone by late morning. Local deer are always interesting subjects against a snowy background.

Deer in First SnowDeer in First Snow


Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in Western North Carolina is one of the largest old growth forests in eastern United States, with some of the yellow poplars aging over 400 years. My wife Joan enjoys resting between two of them.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial ForestJoyce Kilmer Memorial Forest


On a recent fall trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina we had some pretty decent sunsets. This one is at our favorite Frisco Pier.

Frisco SunsetFrisco Sunset


A little practice with the fish-eye lens at Sebago Lake State Park in Maine. Some light painting was added to the foreground rocks.

Sebago Lake State ParkSebago Lake State Park


With river levels in drought conditions this summer some of the waterfalls take on a different look.

This is Connestee Falls in Transylvania County, North Carolina

Connestee Falls-2793Connestee Falls-2793

Our spring Outer Banks trip rewarded us with excellent weather and photo ops. A sunset on the beach at Frisco Pier.

Sunset at Frisco PierSunset at Frisco Pier


My wife, Joan VanOrman, has a business “Focused Marketing for Photographers”.   She works with photographers, artisans and art businesses to help them with marketing.  Lately she’s been doing a lot to update her website and share information and resources.  You can check it out at  Oh – and she tends to use some of my images for her resources!

Rt 276-2Rt 276-2


Spring is here is Brevard with some trees showing off their blooms. This taken off Rt 276 towards Cedar Mountain

Spring on Rt 276Spring on Rt 276


Here is a winter scene taken a few years ago at the Connestee Falls Overlook that was just published in WNC Magazine's January and February issue. Snow scenes like this don't happen very often and usually difficult to get to.

WNC Mag photoWNC Mag photo


Our annual fall trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina is great for fun and photos. This year we rented a house in Avon and got some good photos from the deck.
Moonset over Avon SoundMoonset over Avon Sound


It's autumn once again. A recent trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway turned out to be pretty fogged in so on the way back down Rt 276 toward Brevard we stopped at The Cradle of Forestry for a quick photo of one of the cabins with a little fall color.

Cradle of ForestryCradle of Forestry


Here is a shot of the Milky Way taken at Lake Ticoa in Connestee Falls a few days ago. July and August are great months for this if you can find a really dark scene away from city light pollution. I added a little light painting in the foreground.

milky way at lake ticoa-0847-Editmilky way at lake ticoa-0847-Edit


Late spring in the Dupont State Forest has an abundance of mountain laurel blooming making for a scenic hike. I was having fun trying out my 8mm fisheye lens with a special soft-focus feature on the Fugi XT-1 camera.

Mountain LaurelMountain Laurel


Spring wildflowers are a little slow to bloom this year, but the Oconee Bells are out. They are a rare wildflower that grow in a few select areas of Western North Carolina.

Oconee Bells-0173Oconee Bells


I am presently featured on the cover of the 2014 Blue Ridge Travel Guide with over 9000 copies distributed around Western North Carolina. Check out the full size image HERE

travel guide covertravel guide cover




Here is one of my first attempts at night photography with light painting. I used a flashlight and cars going by for effects. This is a composite of three images blended manually in Photoshop. The curved streaks are a product of headlight overexposure that somehow make them show up in the sky.

night practice-7371-EditStarry night


After a couple days of rain, wind and storms with almost record warm temps for winter time here in Western North Carolina I went to our local park at Lake Atagahi in Connestee Falls for a sunset shoot. This shot was taken looking southeast.

atagahi park sunset-7365atagahi park sunset-7365


The Outer Banks of North Carolina makes for a fun trip anytime of the year. We like the off season, spring and fall. This last trip in November had some pretty good waves for surfing as you can see in this photo, "Going Through the Tube".

In the TubeIn the Tube


The Blue Ridge Parkway has many stone tunnels along it's route. We drove through a bunch the other day between Rt 276 and Rt 191 intersects near Asheville. I had my Canon 5D in hand as my wife Joan was driving and managed to get a few captures.

Through the TunnelsThrough the Tunnels


This image was recently posted on Blue Ridge Parkway Daily website. It's a great site for checking out what's happening on the Parkway, including maps, events, road conditions, tips, history and much more. Click this LINK to see my posting, which includes a description and camera settings, and their website.

Autumn Parkway-6395Autumn Parkway-6395



September on the Blue Ridge Parkway still has many varieties of wildflowers. Featured here are some Goldenrod in a sunset view of distant mountains. Fall colors will be coming soon.

Parkway GoldenrodParkway Goldenrod


Camera shake isn't always a bad thing. In this image I captured a deer across the road from my house just on the edge of the woods. He was moving slightly. I had a 300mm lens on my Canon 7D. The shutter speed was 1/5 of a second. This created a slight camera shake with a slight panning motion and produced this painterly, almost abstract image.

abstract of deer with motion blurDeer Abstract



I saw this little spider on our rhododendron plant while mulching the yard. I'm guessing this is why they are not doing well!



spider on rhododendronspider and rhododendron-5805


We spent a week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina around the first of April. It's a great time to go, the rates are low and no crowds and the photography is fantastic. I'll be adding more from this trip to the North Carolina Coast gallery.

sunrise in Cape Hatteras, North CarolinaBuxton Sunrise-5838


Sedona, Arizona was the start of a 2 week tour of northern Arizona and southern Utah in early February. National Park photography was had in Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon National Parks, also Antelope Canyon Tribal Park and Monument Valley. More images to come in the gallery section.

Sedona, Arizona black and whiteAZ-3991-Edit



Here's an example of what I call "windshield photography". When it's too wet to photograph outside you can always do it the comfort of your own auto.

windshield photography of old machine shop barnOld Barnett Machine Shop-3937


It's always fun to play with the hummingbirds in the back yard. This was hand-held with a 300mm lens and my Canon 7D. Below is the male ruby-throated hummingbird and below that is the female.

male ruby-throated hummingbirdhumingbird-4990

female ruby- throated hummingbirdhummingbird